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Ivelisses Gonzalez-Hixon


Linking Today's Education with Tomorrow's Opportunities

Career Coach???

A Career Coach is placed in local high schools to help bridge the gap between school and career.

Career Coach offer a variety of career related presentations and activities.  
As your Career Coach, I am at Monroe County High School on Monday, Excel High School on Tuesday, Wilcox Central High School on Wednesday, J. U. Blacksher High School on Thursday, and J. F. Shields on Friday.

Classroom Presentations I provide:

Career Interest Inventories

4 year plans to help students bridge the gap after graduation and push them towards graduation with a career option in mind

Career Presentations- general, specific, or technical

College Knowledge- tips on how to get into college, pay for college, and succeed in college
Career Expo- to help 12th graders decide what they want to do after they graduate.

FAFSA Workshops for parents

Athletic Scholarship help

Reality Check

Help students find a recruiter for  the military if they are interested 

Employability  Skills Program (ESP)- extensive program involving activities such as mock interviews, resume writing, and more